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TRIA 會訊 (20170609)

TRIA 員,您好:
1. 2017 ARIA Annual Meeting
註冊優惠到 6/15 截止,請要參加的員及早註冊 (。發表論文的員,也需在 6/15 之前註冊完畢。
2. 財務工程年暨國際學術研討將於 6/17(六) 在中央大學舉行,歡迎員們參加該年。議程請見:
3. NUS RMI Enterprise-Wide Risk Management
Workshop 將於 7/3-7/4 於新加坡國立大學舉行,主要介紹信用風險、壓力測試與風險控管等主題,詳情請見網站:
Training – Risk Management Institute
A research-intensive university with an entrepreneurial dimension, NUS is ranked consistently as one of the world’s top universities. We offer the most extensive …
4. St. John’s University 將於 2018/3/10 舉行 Symposium on Insurance and Emerging Risks 研討,在該議發表的論文經篩選後,將刊登於 Risk Management and Insurance Review 所發行的特刊中。投稿期限為今年 12/15,詳情請參考附件資。 (下載連結 => EGRIE_Call_for_Papers_2017 (28 downloads) )
Taiwan Risk and Insurance Association

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